Sweet Jordan 15lb male Yorkie

Just Heartbreaking 😥
Sweet Jordan 15lb male Yorkie Owner Surrendered today to the Miami-Dade Animal shelter. Our friends intercepted and reached out to us and of course we said yes.
Jordan is looking for a forever loving home. He will be neutered vaccinated and microchipped. He walks great on a leash he’s a very sweet quiet boy. We are located in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area. If you are interested in giving this boy ihs Fairy Tail happily ever after, please reach out to us100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com.
Please Donate for Jordan & our ongoing Mission. Thank you ❤100plusabandoneddogs.org
Mailing address is 100 Plus Animal Rescue Inc 345 East Commercial Blvd Oakland Park Florida 33334
We are by appointment only.

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  • Barbara Till says

    Just love this little guy, don’t speak Spanish, but love transcends language barriers. Bless his little heart. I’m with you, can see how anyone could give him up, so precious. Would love to met when available. Live in Plantation Acres, info on file, just email or text.