Stumbled upon this poor dog as well …

We set out to find an Emaciated dog and stumbled upon this dog covered in battle scars. Not neutered. He slipped behind a fence and disappeared. Santeria remains found all over this location. Sacrifice of animals such as gosts, chickens, birds, kittens and even puppies we have found. When Authorities have been called they tell us it is legal as long as it is done humanely. Who is monitoring if it is done humanely? This is so mind blowing!


We ended up on a Cement Company where we caught a 3 month feral puppy. Born on the streets with no human contact. While trying to catch a couple others we were told to leave the property due to liability. Our hearts are so broken. Happy for the 1 life we did save named him buddy. So sad for the ones we could not save. We have a serious Mentality war going on here. 100 + Abandoned dogs of everglades Florida

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