Still on the scene – Dog in garage in the heat

Dog in garage in the heat. 5758 Royal Way, Tamarac, FL 33321. Call 954-720-2225

3 Comments on "Still on the scene – Dog in garage in the heat"

  • Angela says

    Tell the mayor tell a judge go to the media bout the owner and how the cops will not help

  • Maureen says

    You are my hero! How did this end?

  • Carrie says

    Love y’all?You are wrong about your law. SupremeCourt rules on a law that Congress votes in statute, ordanence Is not law those have to become a bill, it goes to capatil hill. Only Congress can make law! Only if home owner wants to comply then officers can check temp.Lets not get it wrong anywhere.We need to make this Law for our fur Babies too!It Has to be presented signed potession is to make it law. Put potession on facebook your state repesentive can make it law.That way you are protecting your self and you organation.All I do is study our rights and what is law. Thank You for what you do! Carrie Elrod a lover of fur babies!! for any questions you ever have I’m willing to help you.
    Congress pass the law statues and oradances are not law.