Still in utter shock about the events that took place.

Please see the bent metal on the top of the crate in the first photo. She was trying her best to get out of this crate with no pan on the bottom no food no water. We were never provided vet records for proof. She was in severe distress. The second photo is her on her way back to the abuser. BSO. 954-764-4357 needs to be educated on ordinances. Here is the link.…/oa…/codes/code_of_ordinances…

2 Comments on "Still in utter shock about the events that took place."

  • Jo says

    So Tammy what do u think will happen to this dog today? Will you be able to help dog? Terrible abt last night! The cage looked abit small for her. Hope she was given food and water ? I know it’s so upsetting for you and crue 🙏🏻 For all

  • Gael smellie says

    I am really upset from policeman threan you/ The abuser was nasty. He should been charged. The dog should not gone back to owner. It really made upset