Sophia is ADOPTED!!!

Good morning, I just spoke to Sophia’s new mommy and daddy she is doing perfect. She slept through the entire night giving lots of kisses eating great! went for nice long walks slept in bed all night between them, didn’t wake up until 8 o’clock this morning. They love and adore her to Pieces. Sophie is is home..
Sophia a 3 yr female Black Cocker spaniel was left Abandoned in a house in Miami. No food, No Water Living In Feces AND Urine. Double ear infections, and to make matters worse she was Blind. Can you imagine? I received a call from a friend, police officer asking for our Help. She knew we were completely full, but in spite of it all we could not say no or turn our heads to sophia. Sophia was in so much pain and we treated her double ear infection, had her seen by Dr. Swinger the eye specialist. After a visit with dr. Swinger he confirmed he could give her her sight back with cataract surgery. We set up the appointment that morning I received a call from dr. Swinger when he went in he was not sure if the surgery would take do to the degenerative condition and the amount of time she went uncared-for. We decided we’re going to give her every chance possible that’s when we decided to do one eye to see if it would take. He explained it may take but it may not last long. There was no option other than to go in and at least try for Sophia. Sophia had one eye done for cataract surgery and it was and is successful. After her eye surgery she recovered through this process at our wonderful foster home Robert where she learned to trust in humanity & followed him from room to room as he was the one caring for her on a daily basis. When Sophia came back in for her eye check-up her follow-up appointment that is when we realized she’s not acting herself we took her immediately to Imperial Point when she was rushed in for a pyometra surgery. As if she has not already been through enough. A week later after surgery we drove Sophia to this wonderful families home in Port st. Lucie. Without a question in our minds Sophia Will Be Loved adored and spoiled as every dog should be. They are retired their dogs are their children and that is exactly what Sophia needs. She has severe separation anxiety. When we arrived at their lovely home immediately robert and myself looked at each other with Tears in our Eyes. The big sign on their front door Welcome Home Sophia. Here is the video of our home check and meet and greet with this beautiful family along with their dog Roxy who is also blind in one eye. This is so very bitter sweet. We take these dogs in that are so broken we love them we get so attached to them, And then we have to let them go. Knowing in our hearts Sophia is going to be absolutely loved and adored it is still so very hard and very emotional. We have been keeping in touch all night everything is going perfect they absolutely adore Sophia. I would like to say thank you to all of you who support us, Believe in Us and donate to allow us to continue to make such a difference in so many of these abandoned and suffering lives. We truly are all they have. This is 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida with an update on our beautiful Sophia. Thank you Robert for your amazing heart and for all you give to our rescues. I don’t know how you do it but we are so blessed and so grateful to have you as part of our 100 + family. Thank you Debbie, Lee and family for opening up your hearts to our beautiful Sophia.

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