So happy for Rambo…

We have some amazing news to share with all of you. Rambo has lived his entire 5 + years in the woods on a property called the Mangroves with a pack of dogs, one being choochy. Rambo completely shut down after being trapped, taken to Miami Dade Animal Services Kill shelter where he sat shaking in a kennel. Heartworm positive. Less than 1 hr to live we pulled Rambo from death row. Now is where it gets real good. The woman who trapped Rambo to free him of his horrible life in these woods, named Patricia, had never met us. When she saw we pulled Rambo she reached out to us, and came to sit, spend time with Rambo with brought a puppy she also rescued from the mangroves. One of our supporters, Sarah sent us the most amazing email letting us know Rambo was meant to be hers. After many conversations, reference checks on Sarah it is 100 % clear Rambo has a loving forever home with Sarah. So here is the best part of this post. This Saturday, Patricia is transporting Rambo to Sarah in Destin Fl. Rambo will receive the best care and love. Sarah has years of experience with the Rottweiler breed. Years of experience working at a private humane society. Sarah works from home. All the time in the world to restore Rambo’s faith in humanity. So with all this being said, what do you think ? ♡
100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida.

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