Snuggles needs hip surgery …

Infuriating!!! I received a call from a woman who Purchased a 5 yr female shih Tzu from Puppy Palace in Hollywood Florida for $100.00. She purchased snuggles for her children for Christmas. She was NOT spayed and was stamped AS IS! Her complaint was the dog would not play with her children. 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida took this dog named Snuggles into our rescue. We received hundreds of calls wanting to adopt. We had her spayed, had her teeth cleaned, her ears treated for her ear infection and took x-rays to only find out her hip is out of socket. This is the reason snuggles would not play. She is and has been in a lot of pain due to her hip. We have scheduled her hip surgery for January 26th with Dr. Spranklen and its going to cost us $1,200.00. We are asking for your help by donating to help little snuggles. The last photo is Snuggles in the Arms of Lori, her new mom. When we take in these rescues we have no idea what they will need medically to make them whole again. This is why we ask & beg for your support. We will be contacting puppy palace as well, do not worry.

Please donate for little Snuggles: surgery Snuggles surgery1 Snuggles surgery2 Snuggles surgery3

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