Sir Bentley, FKA Bubba update

We know Sir Bentley’s story had touched many many hearts..well we hope you will love this update as much as we do.. he went to foster with one of our crew members Romi and her husband George, they cared for him as if he was their own, worked on getting some weight off of him and it worked..he’s down to a good 81lbs down from 97lbs. During that time Jake reached out to us cause Marilyn and Bentley’s story really touched him, he wanted to help, but even more so he wanted to bring a great dog into his home.. this is that 1st meeting.. we left Bentley with Jake, where he will almost NEVER be alone, has free roam of the house, cuddles on the couch, and sleeps in bed with Jake, with a little help up!
This is a foster to adopt to make sure Bentley will be happy, as Jake said, he really wants to help and give him a great home.. stay tuned for further updates and hopefully a failure post coming soon. Thank you to all who shared their story..we hope we have found the perfect ending to the story. ♡ Here is Sir Bentley story for any of you that may have missed it.

Before I even start this post I am going to tell everyone, there will be absolutely no tolerance for any rude or disrespectful comments towards this woman or her family, if there is the comment will be deleted and you will be banned from this page..this is an extremely difficult and emotional plea from all of us to all of you..this is Sir Bentley, he was born along with his siblings to one of our rescues Stella, who was found in the street pregnant and heartworm positive. When Bentley, then Bubba was born, a wonderful woman named Marilyn just knew he had to be hers, I did the home check and fell in love with her spirit, her home and the love it was filled with, and also her adoring love for the bully breed, I knew she would be an amazing mommy for Bentley, she was working from home at the time and had more then enough time and love for a growing puppy, and at just 8 weeks old Bentley went home with his new mom…during the first year of his life he was loved, adored, spoiled, and trained to be a perfect gentleman, hes dog friendly, kid friendly, walks great on a leash, knows basic commands, and is just an all around BIG, loving, was also durning that time that Marilyn got sick, she was in and out of the hospital battling the cancer that had returned after her being in remission for quite some foward a year later, and I got the worst possible message imaginable, Marilyn informed me that there was no longer anything that the Dr’s could do for her, and that she was going into hospice care.. she had one request of me, to please help Bentley find a new loving home, someone who has the time to devote to him, and as much love for him as she and her family have for him.. sadly him staying with her family is not an option, although they love him tremendously that option would result in him being alone for 16-20 hours a day, that is no life for him, and she wants him to have more, she wants him to have what she wanted to give him. Please know, as hard as this is for Marilyn to do, she only wants what’s best for him..he’s a young dog, only 15 months old, it would not be fair to him to live a life like that, .. and that’s not what Marilyn wants for HER BABY.. so PLEASE help us keep our promise to her, help us find Bentley the MOST PERFECT HOME IMAGINABLE. . We will not settle for anything less then perfect for her baby.. please share his story, and please contact us with all your information at Thank you. We love you Marilyn, God Bless You ♡ Tiffany & all of us here at 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida. Here is the link to the Adoption video of Marilyn & Bentley.


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