Beaten to Death by his owner. Ponce needs You to be his voice! We are Asking All of you to please SIGN this petition CLICK HERE ON THE LINK BELOW to Assure this Monster Receives the Maximum Penalty.…
An innocent puppy whipped against a wall by his owner then Beaten repeatedly. Apr 16, 2017 — The necropsy report done on Ponce said the dog had “blunt force trauma to the skull, fracturing and crushing multiple teeth,” “multiple lacerations and puncture wounds,” and a fractured rib, all of which caused the dog to go into “shock, followed by death.” Left outside to suffer alone. Please SIGN this Petition! For Ponce! Outrage has followed the latest animal abuse case, and there is a push for Harsher Punishment.
Please let us know you are here to be the voice for Ponce.

Public Outrage

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