Scruffy is off the streets and safe.

Growths on his head and a tumor protruding from his anal. it is not bad enough that we are dealing with the dog thrown out of a vehicle in the middle of the night. We sent Claudia, one of our volunteers, to pick up this dog and bring him immediately to the Animal Hospital. Jerry who found this dog is a plumber and cannot leave the site of work planning on leaving the dog in his van for hours and then bring the dogs this evening. this dog cannot wait and cannot be left in the van.

He is safe thanks to all of our supporters! Off the streets of Miami. Terrier, 5 yrs of age. 31 lbs of nothing but Love! Thank you to Claudia and Jerry amazing volunteers from 100 + who got this abandoned boy to safety with us. Please Donate to help Scruffy. He needs a loving foster/ adopter. 877-506-8100 or 561-860-3783 100 + Abandoned dogs of everglades Florida.Scruffy Scruffy1

Here’s his journey to us:

100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida ™
877-506-8100 or 561-860-3783

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