Scotti and her puppies are save with us!

Scotti has been reunited with her very young 9 puppies. Our rescue received a call begging for help for this mommy dog who was found on the streets of Miami. Danielle, one of our supporters, called me crying on Wednesday she had found Scotti, but no puppies. Well today, 4 days later, Danielle called me in tears. I could hear the baby puppies crying in the background. Scattered on a property, how they survived 4 days without their mommy is beyond us. Today mommy and 9 two week old puppies are together and safe at Imperial Point Animal Hospital. We are begging for your help please. Donations are so desperately needed. Our bills are climbing and our kennels are full. Could you turn this family away if it was you who received this call? Please help us help Scotti & her 9 puppies. Thank you!!

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