Scooby …

I took this video January 14th. Scooby a broken Soul who was found abandoned on the streets of Miami. He was being tormented buy children throwing rocks and sticks at him while he scrounged for food for is Hungry belly. We took him under our wing into our organization after receiving a plea for help from a police officer. Scooby was shaking in the kennel. Robert our friend our amazing volunteer carried him in his arms to take him home and fix his broken soul. That was in January we are now in May. Scooby is ready and waiting for a forever loving home. while Robert continues to love Scooby remember this also takes up space for another broken soul in need. Our Fosters are exactly that they are Fosters they take dogs in the restore them they show them love to get them ready for their next journey in life which is a forever home. Please consider opening your home and your heart to Scooby he is great with other dogs he just needs that special angel who is patient kind and loving. If that is you please contact us at
100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida please we must find homes for these dogs that are lingering or we are forced to say no to so many that are still out there suffering and alone. We cannot do this without all of you. Please hit the share button if nothing else, Thank you

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