Sammy Update!

4 months ago we received an urgent plea for Sammy from the Miami Dade kill shelter. I will Never forget his poor broken little soul not to mention the abuse & NEGLECT he had endured. No animal should ever!!! Go through this kind of abuse. From day 1 Sammy stole our hearts. We made Sammy a promise he would Never! Know or experience another day of pain or sadness. Fast forward 4 months later Sammy now has his very own family. He is so loved & spoiled as it only should be. Sammy we kept our promise to you sweet boy & now you can live your Best life! Love wins Again! From his mommy & daddy …

He has been such a blessing. ♥️🐾🙏🏼 Tell everyone he says “I woof you.” You can share it with anyone you want. We Absolutely Adore him!!

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