Sam and Susy are still waiting for their forever home

It has been 2 years since Sam and Susy were put on catch poles and dragged out of the only home they ever knew after their owner who absolutely adored them was shot and killed at an ATM. They were taken to Miami Dade Animal Services high kill shelter and we pulled them. They are amazing dogs and are desperately needing a home. While they are bigger dogs, they just want to be lap dogs too! They are inseparable ❤ They play, eat and sleep together. They are all they have after loosing their owner. They do need to be the only animals in the home. Double the fun, double the love!! *They need an owner experienced with their breed.
100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades FL
This is the link to their news coverage as a reminder of the hardship they have endured:…/dogs-in-need-of-new-home…

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