Sadie says THANK YOU to all who donated to help her! ♡

Sadie was the 2 yr 20 lb dog, thrown out of a car, then hit by another car left on the side of Atlantic blvd to die. Sargent Louie Rivera called me at 1:15am desperate for help. We took Sadie under our wings. 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, with your love & support, got this little angel the surgery she needed to save her life. Sadie did great during her surgery to repair her Diaphragm. Sadie is resting comfortably at Lauderdale veterinarian specialists in Fort Lauderdale fl. She just loves her purple stuffed animal that Sargent Rivera brought her.

To inquire about adoption please contact us at 877-506-8100 or

To donate to her vet bills and so we can continue or 501c3 Org,


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