Rocky, our new rescue update!

How are we to make sense of this?
A couple gets divorced. The husband moves out. The wife brings in her new boyfriend who has his own dog. The wife puts her dog out on the streets of Little Havana to endure the heat, rain and starvation. The neighbors start feeding this dog named Rocky. Rocky sits waiting in front of the only home he has known, waiting to be brought inside. This never happened. Rocky covered in ticks the size of grapes. Sitting in the pouring rain scared and alone. Late last night we decided we could Not turn our heads on Rocky. Could you?

Click here to see a video:

As you all know we are full and have high outstanding vet bills. This weekend we had a fundraiser, an adoption event and today a garage sale. We do everything we possibly can to make a difference in so many that need us. We currently have 38 dogs under our care at this time. We are reaching out to all of you for your support. We want to continue to save so many suffering and abandoned. We honestly can only do this with all of you. $5.00 challenge starts now.

We have started a $5 challenge on our Facebook page. Donate and post under the post to let us know who you are and how many of our loving supporters are here for us. Thank you in advance for your love & support.

Please Donate so we can continue A 501c3 Org via PayPal by clicking HERE
. Or, if you prefer, you canĀ also be called in directly to the Animal hospital. 954-771-0156. Mention 100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida. It is up to All of us.

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