Rocky and Snow, bonded pair, father and daughter

Rocky was saved from the most unimaginable existence. Living outside in a makeshift kennel for 7 years, 24/7, in the sun, the heat, the cold, the rain, and storms, on a concrete slab. When we rescued him he was terrified, he was broken, he was confused, and he believed he was unworthy of love. Luckily his daughter Snow is still young and did not have to endure the years and years of suffering that her father did. It took weeks for Rocky to even look us in the eye because he was so broken and so defeated. But look at him now!! He has spirit, he has trust, he has love, and by his side helping him through it all he has his daughter Snow. We have shown them love, affection, fun, stability and most of all we have gained their trust. Now what we need is to transition them into their next chapter, which is their forever loving home, together forever. That is where we need all of you, we need you to share this post. We need to reach as many people as possible to find Rocky and Snow their perfect home together! So please hit the SHARE button!! Help us help them!
To inquire about adoption please email or call 877-506-8100. Thank you!🐶❤
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