RIP Sweet Jersey …

Today was a heartbreaking day for our rescue. We are beyond saddened to inform you that at 12:10 pm today, our big, beautiful, baby boy Jersey crossed the Rainbow Bridge and will forever be one of our beautiful fur angels. This was sudden, dramatic and completely unexpected. He was his normal, happy, wonderful, goofy self yesterday but then this morning, he wouldn’t eat his breakfast, which is completely abnormal for him. So he was immediately saw the doctor. His temperature was low (he was cold to the touch) so they immediately took an x-ray and nothing visible. Then they did an ultrasound and from what they could see, they believed it may be “Bloat”. He was immediately prepped and warmed up so that he could be rushed into surgery. It wasn’t until the surgeon began the surgery that we found out just how tragic this day would be. He did not have bloat, his stomach was in perfect condition. It was his intestines, both small and large were completely dead. We begged and pleaded with the surgeon to please do something, please save him…but he told us there was nothing that could be done. That in his decades of doing this, this was only the 2nd time he’s seen this, and there was no saving our beautiful Jersey. There was no way of knowing this was happening to him. There is no known cause of this. It happens so fast that it is always fatal because by the time the dog let’s you know something is wrong, it’s already too late. We held him, we kissed him, we hugged him, told him how much we loved him, and that he was a good boy..and then we let him peacefully slip away.

I asked our Dr to explain so that we could explain to you and this is what she said:
” I’m so sorry tiff. This is still so shocking to me. There is a term, mesenteric torsion. But I guess I would say the ‘curtain’ that normally holds the intestinal tract in place twisted completely around itself. The mesentery is what carries the lymphatics and blood vessels to and from the aorta to the intestinal tract. When that twists off, the intestines does not receive any blood flow and it dies off quickly due to lack of blood, gas accumulation, normal bacterial population in the GI tract”.

From the doctors, vet techs, staff at IP as well as our crew and volunteers, we are all in complete shock. Nobody saw this coming. This was not supposed to be his ending. Tonight we hub our furkids a little tighter and we all say a prayer for our new angel Jersey.

Jersey … may you run and play free .. joining the rest of our angels, Roxi, Dixie, Tabby, Sonny, Baby, Bowden, Bailey, our 3 beautiful puppies who lost their battle to parvo, and all the other fur angels we’ve lost. I pray that they are all up there together, one big beautiful family, all looking down and watching out for all the rest of their rescue siblings. Rest in Beautiful Peace big boy.. We love you. ♡

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