RIP Ringo. Today God received another Angel.

Our Ringo we rescued over 2 yrs ago from a life no dog should know. Outside 24/7 from 8 weeks of age til 10 years. Our rescue took him away from that horrific life to give him a little over 2 years with his new wonderful family.
Ringo’s past was erased with the amount of unconditional love he received. Please take a moment to help us say to Ringo Rest in sweet paradise gorgeous boy. If love could have saved you, you would have lived 4-Ever!
To his mommy Caci Baer & Thomas Baer
Thank for being you. Thank you for the beautiful life you gave our Ringo.
I pray that you have strength peace and comfort in your heart in this difficult time. We are all here only temporarily. For some reason the purest of all beings, the animals seem to be here the least amount of time. They seem to take a piece of us each and every time. It never seems to get easy. The greatest gift we can give one another and any being on Earth is love and kindness. Its the only thing we can truly take with us when we go. Ringo goes on to his next Journey knowing love and kindness beyond measure. Because of you and your family Ringo will transition with peace love and kindness in his heart. I’m so sorry that you will have such heartache. Please take comfort in knowing you erased every bad memory as he enters his next Journey. All of my love, till you meet again. I truly believe in the Rainbow Bridge. Always and Forever Ringo.

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