Rescue has its ups and downs, good times and bad.

Rescue has its ups and downs, good times and bad.

Rescue has happy times and heartbreaking times. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part of rescue. Heaven gained 5 angels. 5 of our babies gained their wings in too short of a time frame.

Trixie was one of our very first rescues. We rescued her on 11/3/11 in unimaginable condition in the Everglades. She was nothing but skin and bones, too frail to move. Her daddy Richard was a first time volunteer with our organization on that rescue and locked eyes with Trixie laying on the ground, looking up begging for a chance to live. At that very moment and with tears pouring down he said, “she’s mine”. Trixie is and has always been the face of 100+. She has been our poster girl, representing the pain, suffering and neglect animals endure. Richard and Trixie had the most special bond. They were each other’s world. Trixie passed away, unexpectedly, peacefully in her sleep in her loving home on the night of 3/17/17.

Koko and Zeus were rescued on 3/18/16. We received an urgent plea to help both. Koko had lived inside of a home, however, Zeus was kept outside, completely emaciated. He was nothing but a skeleton, skin and bones, starving. Both dogs were taken to Miami Dade Animal Services high kill shelter. We placed an immediate hold on both Zeus and Koko and they were released to us the next day. Zeus found his forever home and lived a happy and healthy life over the last year. Zeus fell ill and passed away on 3/25/17. Koko, sadly, never found her forever home but got so so much love and attention from the amazing staff at Neighborhood Veterinary Center. She was in play group every day and layed around the office with staff members. They truly loved Koko to pieces. Unexpectedly, Koko fell extremely ill and despite medical efforts to treat numerous tumors and a possible brain tumor she deteriorated too quickly. Koko passed away on 2/21/17 surrounded by our crew, volunteers and vet staff.

Patterson was rescued on 3/18/17. We received an urgent call about a small, emaciated, sickly dog living on the streets. We rushed to the site and could not believe our eyes. Patterson was frail, covered in wounds filled with maggots and mange, unable to walk and beyond frightened. His story shocked us all. Our amazing supporters from all over the country and other parts of the world fell in love with our little boy and prayed for his recovery. Thanks to the overwhelming outpour of love and donations for our boy, we ensured he got everything he needed. Unfortunately, in the end his little body endured too much cruelty. Our sweet angel boy passed away on 3/26/17.

Vivi (fka Hannah) was rescued on 3/18/16. She was surrendered to Miami Dade Animal Services high kill shelter with a prolapsed vagina. There was no way we could turn our back on her. She was treated and given everything she needed. She recovered in the hospital and once clear Vivi was adopted shortly after her surgery and lived the best year of her life. She was full of life and loved beyond measures. Vivi passed away, unexpectedly, on 3/27/17

We are devastated over these losses, but know in our hearts that they are playing in eternal peace. They passed knowing they were loved and knowing they did matter. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your continuous love, support and donations that allow us to continue our mission. NEVER GIVE UP
Forever Connected ~ Forever Family

RIP Hannah RIP Koko RIP Zeus RIP Trixie RIP Patterson

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