Raquel is a Big! Girl Now! Raquel Strong!

Raquel is a Big! Girl Now!
Raquel Strong!
From being Paralyzed with a broken hip, pelvis and previous broken leg to This!!!
Raquel has taught us Anything is Possible!
Recovering from her FHO Surgery. Finished with Accupuncture, done with laser & water therapy.
On to Beach Therapy starting this week to build up strength in her back legs and muscles.
Being treated for heartworm currently.
What our Raquel has been through in her life leaves us speechless. Raquel has taught and continues to teach all of us with unconditional love and Commitment, Anything is possible!
Raquel could not stand long enough to drink or eat out of a bowl. Lookie! Here!!!!
100 + Abandoned Dogs Of Everglades Florida

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