Rambo update … in the words of Rambo himself!!!

The things I did today while Momma was upstairs working…

1) I slept until I forgot anybody was here
2) I got a little adventurous and played with the blinds on the front door.
3) Spilled my water all over the floor, walked through it and left wet paw prints alllllll over the floor.
4) I guess because she was up in her office and I forgot she was here, I decided to go up the first part of the stairs to the landing, looked out the window and I just howled and howled and howled. I was singing my sweet song to the people when she come running out and I all of a sudden realized she was here and ran back to my safe zone under the dining room table. I howl like a wolf by the way.
5) I peed in the landing of the stairs! Just a little so it was more like making it mine. She’s not mad, it was the first time since I’ve been here.
6) I ate the cat food.
7) As soon as she replaced it and went back upstairs, I ate the cat food again!
8) Then I ate a whole bowl of my own food.
9) Then I fell asleep. It was a long day and I was busy!

1 Comment on "Rambo update … in the words of Rambo himself!!!"

  • Pat says

    Well Rambo for a Monday which are usually blue days you did good, so what do you have planned for the rest of the week.