Rambo has been rescued!

Ok everyone, this is Rambo. He is Choochy’s mate from the MANGROVES!!! We were trying to catch the dogs on this property for close to a year, but because they are feral it was nearly impossible to catch them all, especially once they cleared the land. Then, we saw the video of this poor dog scared to death being shared on Facebook. Then came the call from Joe, the man who has been feeding these dogs for years … A woman at the AT&T plant next door to the property trapped him and brought him to MDAS! We were shocked to find out the dog we were terrified for was one of OUR Mangrove dogs!!! Here is a link to the video we saw:


We could not and would nt let him die there knowing what he’s been through, knowing we rescued his babies and mate, Choochy. A couple of crew members headed down to MDAS and rescued him hours before being killed. He is heartworm positive, defeated and petrified. THIS BOY NEEDS ALL OF US!!


We have a long Journey ahead of us, but he is safe and loved under the wings of 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida.


To inquire about Rambo please contact us at 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com or 877-506-8100.100PlusAbandonedDogsofEvergladesFlorida.org

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