Please help us find Cupcake a loving home.

She has been in a kennel for over a month. CLICK HERE to see how great she is!

The only family she knew and loved gave her up. Abandoned like Trash! We are so disgusted and disappointed in humanity. Day in and day out we see nothing but abuse cruelty hoarding & abandonment. Although we will not let this break our spirits. we need to vent sometimes. This is one of those times. Now we reach out to all of you our amazing supporters who are so loving and caring and we ask for you to hit the share button to help us find cupcake a forever home or Foster. This is so heartbreaking. Cannot even put into words how we truly feel. please contact us if you can help.
877-506-8100 cupcake deserves more than this. Better than this.
100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida.

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