Our sweet Snowflake

The sweetest broken little soul learning to trust & accept love & touch. Snowflake

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  • I would love to have Snowflake but I sm 70yrs old and wont fly and cant drive that far.

    I have a 12 yr old female yorkie at 4.6 lbs. Hardly barks at all and get along very well with other annimals. I live in a 1st floor condo and it is easy for me to walk the dogs. I have always spoiled my dogs. They are so precious to me and I have tons of love for each dog. I am retired so all my attention is theirs. I was going go .
    thru a breeder for a small young pup but decided to rescue a poor innocent dog from the shelter.

  • Judith Marie Tucci says

    Hi Pretty Snowflake!! You have a very sweet face!!