Our Prayers have been Answered!

Please keep your prayers coming! Our friend & adopter of our sweet girl Lorali , Glenn Kaufman
has been taken of his ventilator! & Recovering. Thank you God!
Our friend & adopter of our Turbo/king who owns Dog Beach doggie daycare has had Lorali since Glenn entered the hospital after testing positive for coronavirus. Read what Jennifer Roselli wrote to daddy Glenn Kaufman. Angels in disguise! https://www.facebook.com/beachdogdaycare/
You fought and you beat COVID-19! You had all odds against you with phenomena and a bad kidney. You’re a fighter! You’re still in the hospital awaiting to go to a rehabilitation facility. But I knew how much you needed to see your baby girl. So we ran around the hospital building with you looking out the window until you were able to see us. My heart wanted to burst when you were able to see your baby girl Lora-Li! She knew you were close by as well. Soon Glenn Kaufman! You will be able to hug your baby soon! Everyone in our pack at Beach Dog, your family, your 100+ family and all of your friends have been praying for you. You were never alone.

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