Our Prayers have been Answered!!!
Angels sent! Marcy & Elliott who truly understand the True definition of Rescue.
Lavender was found on the streets alone & confused months & months ago then came to our rescue where she would pace & pace which killed us day after day as we all waited & prayed for her owner to come forward which Never happened. Our amazing team of volunteers worked with her day in and day out to show her that she was loved and & she didn’t have to fear anything any longer. Lavender may not be that perfect cute hypoallergenic cuddly dog that everybody is always looking for. She’s not potty trained, slow to warming up to new people which made it difficult to find that perfect someone to open their heart and give her the chance she so deserves. Today is her chance! Today Begins the new life for lavender her happily ever after with her new mommy , daddy and her fur sister Scarlet..
A beautiful loving home with a fenced yard for her to roam enjoy all that life has to offer. A loving family that will be patient & loving. Our hearts are singing for Lavender & her beautiful new family.
Happy Adoption Day! Lavender 💜
Let the spoiling begin.
Love Wins Again 💕
100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

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