On Sunday we rescued 5 lives!

Please CLICK HERE to watch this video.

Cher who was rushed in for an emergency Pyometra surgery. Jewel a sweet 1 yr female Rat Terrier going in for spay. Barry a 9 month male lab mix going in for neuter. Maurice a tiny 8 week male Rat Terrier puppy. Mia a blind 6 yr sweet blind female who was dumped at Miami Dade Animal Services kill shelter. Mia was brought in With Buster. Mia had a huge hernia removed. When Dr. CLARK went in for surgery, he realized Mia’sĀ uterus was inside the Massive hernia. Can you imagine if we did not bring these 5 lives into safety with us? What would have been their Fate? Mia will be seen by the Eye specialist to see if her sight can be restored with surgery. Mia & Cher were taken to the 24 hr Animal hospital to be monitored 24 hrs. As you can see we have our hands more than full and we need your help. Thank you in advance for your love & support. Please consider helping by Donating. Fostering or adopting. Please visit our website all can be done there. 100plusabandoneddogs.org
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