OMG … Molly needs an Angel NOW!!!!!!!!

Our beautiful Molly needs you all NOW!! This is a DESPERATE PLEA FOR HELP!! Our beautiful Molly who was confiscated from hell, pulled out of MDAS with her litter of babies, and mate Hector and nursed back to health..has now received some heartbreaking, devastating news.. after a long battle with erlichia, she was finally cleared to be spayed, when Dr Murray started to open her, she found that Molly had fluid in her abdomen, worried for her safety she immediately closed her up and woke her up, she was then rushed to LVS specialist hospital.. they ran tests of the fluid, did ultrasound of her liver, and was found that she has cirrhosis of the liver.. this morning all of the Dr’s, surgeons, specialists, and owner of lvs sat around a table to discuss Molly and her condition. They decided to not go in for a biopsy of the liver as that would cause more trauma to her body..but..we were also given the news that there was nothing we or they could do for transplant. .no amount of money can save beautiful Molly’s life.. she has been given 3-6 months to live, maybe longer..BUT what we can do is manage her condition with drugs and give her THE BEST POSSIBLE LIFE SHE CAN HAVE for those months… This is where YOU HAVE TO HELP US!! WE ARE BEGGING, PLEADING, WE ARE ON OUR KNEES…SOMEONE HAS TO HAVE A PLACE FOR HER, SOMEONE HAS TO KNOW SOMEONE who has no other animals and can BRING MOLLY HOME!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… don’t let her live her last month’s in a cage..she needs a home, a bed, long walks on the beach or in the woods, lazy days on the couch..
She needs an ANGEL.. Please contact us NOW if you can be Molly’s angel..this can’t wait..she needs you now! PLEASE! Please be Molly’s Angel… 561-860-3783, 877-506-8100,
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2 Comments on "OMG … Molly needs an Angel NOW!!!!!!!!"

  • Shelley Romero says

    Molly’s beautiful face and story are sticking with me. Any updates ?

  • 100plus_admin says

    Thank you for your concern. We are so lucky as an angel stepped up for Molly … she’s in a loving home and enjoying every minute. I’m about to post the videos now …