Naven Gone but Never forgotten. We are devastated

Naven Gone but Never forgotten. We are devastated Tonight. Our hearts are Broken.
Today we started out our day as we always do. We spent hours and hours loving and making sure all our rescues were walked, held In our arms to show them they are loved and safe. Naven who we Rescued from the unimaginable hoarding house in Miami a couple of weeks ago. A Tiny 4 lb sweet little boy who had the biggest personality of the bunch. He loved to be held, he loved to play outdoors with toys. Today Naven fell on his side and he never got up. We are in complete shock. Our hearts our shattered
His temperature was normal. No sign and no warning of any distress. We have sent out for a narcropsy to help us better understand what took him from us. Naven we would do anything to have you back in our arms. We are so sorry you endured so much pain and sadness in your little life. If only we could have helped and saved you sooner. Naven you were loved and adored by our entire 100 + Team. Naven you will Forever be in our hearts & memories. Until we meet again. Rest In Peace Sweet little Naven.


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