Murphy says keep those prayers coming!!

Murphy says keep those prayers coming!!

Surgery is going fantastic. We will have all the details once we hear from the doctor. we’ve been sitting and waiting for hours. They did get the left lung to inflate and there was an infection in the left side of his body. Thank you so much for all your love your support and your prayers. We will update just as soon as we can thank you for your patience.
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3 Comments on "Murphy says keep those prayers coming!!"

  • susana crespo says

    Praying for Murphy. I would like to adopt him to give him all the love. Do not care of how much time and dedication he will need and patience after his surgery.

  • Jeff Sutton says

    So how did Murphy do. Will he be ok?

  • Tammy, 100+ Crew Member says

    Murphy is doing great … keep the prayers coming please.