Mommy Nala & Daddy Sam …

Mommy Nala 2 yr Terrier Corgi mix on left 20 lbs of love. Daddy Sam sweet Terrier mix 2 yrs of age on right. We rescued them along with their son & daughter Daisy & Cody who were adopted together last night. We also rescued 5 eight week old puppies also from Mommy Nala & Daddy Sam all available for Adoption. The Reproducing cycle is OVER! For this mommy and Daddy. All living outside in Miami. Nala and Sam are both heartworm positive sadly due to irresponsible owners. Our wish is to keep mommy and daddy Together. We do however have an adopter for daddy Sam. We will NOT! Pull Sam away from Nala until she too has a loving home. They have been through Enough!
If you can offer both or Nala a loving home, please we beg you reach out to us. Rescue is so very hard and heartbreaking. Please share this post. We will cover All costs of all medical.we are asking only for love and a forever place to call home. To reach us, here is our email.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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