Mommy Molly is out of the hospital and in a loving home!!!

Our beautiful Molly was sent an Angel.
Molly was a confiscation case with her 5 puppies and the daddy, Hector. All were skin & bones. We went to court to be their voice after pulling them into safety. All 5 puppies have been adopted into loving homes. Molly was going in for her routine spay when the doctor realized something was wrong. She immediately closed molly back up and rushed to a specialist. Molly has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver by a team of doctors at Lauderdale Veterinarian Specialists. They have given Mommy Molly 3-6 months to live. We were completely heartbroken that our sweet Molly would spend her last days in a kennel instead of a loving home. We put out a plea, begging for an Angel to give our molly that place to call home for however long she may have. Last night our Amazing Team celebrated the new beginning for our Molly. A group of us have delivered Molly to her new home. Watch this beautiful moments … from us getting her from LVS to taking her to her new home. It is something we wanted to share with all of you, as we always do. Thank you to 2 very special Angels sent .. Natalie & Juliette we are so grateful.

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