Mommy Carly and her puppy Cyprus

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Mommy Carly & her puppy Cyprus.
They are doing so Well! Mommy just a baby herself found as a stray on the streets of Miami full-term pregnant & heartworm positive. Our rescue pulled little Carly to safety where she was taken immediately to the 24 hr animal hospital for diagnostics. Xrays ultrasound & extensive Bloodwork. At 2:30 am Carly delivered her first puppy that was sadly undeveloped & stillborn. We immediately rushed Carly to the 24 hr animal hospital where they did a repeat of xrays & to check her second puppy’s heart rateThe doctors told us they did not believe she was ready and she could go for another couple of weeks or month before she would give birth to her second puppy. We decided to follow our hearts and our gut and leave her there overnight for observation. I know sooner returned home got back into bed 2 hours later I received the call Carly had given birth to her second puppy who we have given the name Cyprus. A healthy little boy is now nursing with his sweet mommy at our rescue house. They have around the clock love & care eating drinking & resting very comfortably. We will keep these 2 Together & will be up for adoption in approximately 8 weeks. Thank you for your love & ONGOING support to allow us to continue our ongoing mission making miracles happen every day
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