Meet Love, nickname Lovey.

Young so beaten and defeated. The mommy dog of the emaciated parvo puppies that were found in the most unimaginable living condition in Liberty City Miami. It breaks our hearts to no end to see her like this, she is so scared. You can see the fear in her eyes. When we received a call, a plea for help for a litter of puppies, we ran! We were told the mommy dog was dead. We continued to search every inch of the property with our crew. Mommy love was curled up in a ball on a shelf behind mounds of garbage and trash. A catch pole was used to bring her to safety and then she was transported to Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists. She spent days receiving medical and lots of love. She will not walk on a leash and she will not eat with us watching. Below is the link to the video of her being transported to Imperial point Animal hospital in Fort Lauderdale. Our Crew will continue to work with her showing her love does exist & that she can trust humans. The real work has only just begun. We are asking for your help by donating and praying. Please we are not able to take in the countless abandoned & suffering without You. Let’s do this for Love. Please Donate so we can continue A 501c3 Org

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