Meet Flynn and Jamie … our newest 100+ family members.

Late last night we received a plea for help. Video is circulating of a young male dog chasing after a car who desperately wanted to be rescued. We immediately jumped into our cars and headed down to Little Haiti Miami. We were able to contain this male and have named Flynn. He scared, very thin and has an injured left front paw. While we were on this location we saw a terrified young female dog that was running from us, she’s now rescued and named Jamie. She appeared to be pregnant and so very sweet. They were taken immediately to pet emergency center.

This morning we picked up both dogs and transported them to Imperial point Animal Hospital. They are inseparable. Please understand we are physically mentally drained. Our kennels are full. Our vet bills are climbing. We are reaching out to you the community for help. Please donate even if it is $1 it will and does make a difference. We will update you on their health just as soon as we get the blood work.

We are also reaching out for fosters to help us alleviate the cost of boarding and to get these babies out of these kennels. Please Donate so we can continue A 501c3 Org

561-860-3783. Or 877-506-8100

Here are the videos from last night:

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