We are COMMITTED to him, will cover all medical costs, he just needs someone to LOVE and spoil him, and get him to his appointments. PLEASE help us find his Angel!!!🙏 So my new foster boy has been diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis with optic neuritis. Which means the disease has taken over the optic nerve and caused him to lose his eyesight. Sadly there is no cure, only management. He has been started on Pred and cytosar infusion treatments to keep the disease under control, and potentially, if we could get another miracle, bring back some of his eyesight. The sad reality though, is regardless of all the treatment, Mario is not expected to make it much longer then 2yrs, which is DEVISTATING! He is only a baby, under 2yrs of age.. this is not the news we were hoping for but we are COMMITTED to him and giving him EVERYTHING he needs. Please donate if you can, and PRAY for a miracle. 💔🙏❤️🐶🐾
If you are interested in adopting Mario please email
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