Our handsome Louie is less than 30 days away from his rescue anniversary. He is getting closer and closer to 2 YEARS of waiting, hoping for a home. We are so desperate to find his angel before his 2 YEARS in rescue with us comes upon us. We don’t understand how such an amazing dog has waited sooo long. 1/6/14 was Louie’s worst and best day. After hearing howls and something struggling in the lake, a woman ran out to find Louie drowning in the lake completely surrounded by seawall with no easy way to get out. She called the police and jumped in to pull him out just before he lost the fight and went under. Our dear friend and detective with BSO, Louie Rivera, responded to the call and brought Louie to safety so it only seemed fitting to name our boy Louie.

This is Louie’s initial intake pictures, we wanted to show you where it all began. Louie was so thin, scared, throwing up water non-stop and heartworm positive. He overcame it all. His ears are permanently scared from someone trying to rubber band them tight enough to cut off the blood supply so they would die and fall off but they weren’t successful. He is about 4 years old now, knows basic commands, a perfect gentleman on the leash, loves to run, play with toys, roll around in the grass and be a couch potato. He must be the only animal and is the biggest baby! Contact us via 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com or 877-506-8100 if interested in fostering or adopting

Louie Rescue Collage

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