Louie : a name you’ve seen on our site over and over.

Louie : a name you’ve seen on our site over and over. A face full of love, forgiveness& kindness. Month after month, YEAR AFTER YEAR, Louie sits and waits. It breaks our hearts! WE DON’T LOSE HOPE, BUT DOES HE?!! How can we prove to him that there is the perfect home out there for him, that someone wants a big, lazy boy who loves belly rubs and sprinklers. Louie is about 5 now& has sat in boarding over 2 years. He’s watched other pups come in and out, while he remains in boarding. WHY? He wonders, after all he’s been through, heartworm, cancer , nearly drowning, when he was dumped, “WHY AFTER ALL I’VE BEEN THROUGH AND SURVIVED, WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN BLESSED WITH A HOME AND FAMILY TO CALL MY OWN?”
Louie is perfect!!! Chill, happy, loving, house and potty trained! Unfortunately, THE ONLY thing that’s kept him from finding the right home is that he MUST BE YOUR ONLY PET. Totally understandable given the situation where he came from.
Now I know if you are reading this, you probably have pets, us animal lovers can’t stay away from our furry friends, BUT WHAT IF YOU SHARE THIS POST FAR AND WIDE AND IT LANDS IN THE RIGHT HANDS? Someone lonely, someone with no pets, perhaps someone who recently lost a pet. You never know where the SHARE button may lead. So now I Beg you to take a second not only to like but also share Louie and be the one to land him a forever home! Together we can do this!
To meet Louie call 877-506-8100 or 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com

Louie Collage

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