Lori Li is doing great …

While Zenon was being adopted yesterday, Glenn was in another room filling out our adoption application for Lora Li! We always say everything happens for a reason and believe things are meant to be. The last two days proved both to be true yet again. We saw videos and pictures of Lora Li at Miami-Dade Animal Services high kill shelter that broke our hearts into pieces. She had pressed herself against the kennel wall trembling in utter fear. We put a rescue hold on her and raced down to get her the next day. As we were getting ready to leave on Wednesday to head to Miami Amy’s phone rang off the hook from the same number. It was Glenn. Glenn was at Miami-Dade Animal Services wanting to adopt Lora Li.

Glenn and Amy had a long conversation, Amy and Tiffany made it to Miami-Dade Animal Services, pulled Lora Li and Glenn met them back at the animal hospital. Glenn spent over 3 hours with Lora Li, Amy and Tiffany as she was getting evaluated by the doctor. We immediately went that evening to do the home check which passed and Glenn adopted LoraLi yesterday. Lora Li is home!!! Lora Li has such an amazing daddy now.┬áLora Li is learning the ropes of her new home and daddy Glenn cleared his entire schedule so that he can be home with her for the next couple of weeks to help her adjust and not feel alone.┬áThis is true love! This was meant to be!! Thank you Glenn for opening your home and heart to our scared girl. We can’t wait to hear she has adjusted and is being a puppy again at 5 years old.
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