Loni renamed Gizmo This is Truly a Fairytale

Loni renamed Gizmo This is Truly a Fairytale
Loni 3 yrs 9 lbs. His family didn’t want him. They kept his mommy and his daddy, but didn’t want little Loni. Can you imagine? Loni was with his mommy and daddy his entire life and then ended up in a kennel. Loni was so depressed, he wouldn’t eat and had given up on life. Today loni now Gizmo is Living the life with his new Wonderful Family. Zoe and her family who are also part of our 100 + Family opened their hearts to loni before the hurricane and he Never left! They officially Adopted Loni and let’s just say, Life Is Real Good for our Boy! His first Thanksgiving in a Real forever loving home.
Loni / Gizmo enjoying Thanksgiving Morning Hoarding All his Toys! Too good Not to Share.
100 + Abandoned Dogs Of Everglades Florida

Loni - Longhead - now Gizmo adopted3 Loni - Longhead - now Gizmo adopted8 Loni - Longhead - now Gizmo adopted7

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