Lobo Rest in Eternal Peace Sweet Boy

God Received Another Angel. Lobo Rest in Eternal Peace Sweet Boy. Until we meet again. From his mommy Karen & family.
LoBo’s Story

You know, it’s crazy that an animal can change your life. I mean really change your life. We rescued LoBo 8 years ago. He was born in the Florida Everglades after a sick, disgusting person threw his mom out there with not a care in the world. LoBo was abused. He was deprived of food, water, and love. A lady named Abella was out there and had built them metal crates and provided them with food and water. However, a man who lived on Abella’s property, would walk over to the crate and bang on it with a machete, yelling at the dogs to “shut up” in Spanish. A team called 100+ Everglades Rescue, went out to the Everglades and found all of these dogs. They took them in and brought them “back to life.” They provided them with food, water, vaccinations, and the love they had always dreamt of having. They are amazing. They are heroes. They are strong. They are people I personally look up to.
We had adopted LoBo from this organization and he immediately became a part of our family. He was the cutest little thing to ever enter our home (and yes, cuter than me and Lauryn… sorry L). We were ecstatic and felt complete. I know that LoBo views us as the family who saved him, but truthfully, he saved us. The many nights I was hysterically crying and shaking from anxiety, hugging LoBo was the one thing that eased my pain. There is no feeling that compares to sharing love between a dog. It’s different, special, and at times very questionable as to how a love could be so strong between a person and a dog. Ask my mom. She’ll tell you. LoBo was her shadow for these 8 years. He was up her a** at all times. But today, I am 100% sure that that is all she is going to want. He was her savior. He truly was. They spend hours a day laying outside tanning together, sharing snacks, and taking about 8 walks a day full neighborhood circle together (I think she just can’t stay away from the exercise but who am I to judge). Today is truly going to be heartbreaking for her. Hearing the pain in her voice makes me want to break down. It is okay to feel this way. He is family.
Anyway, you are all probably wondering why I am rambling on about LoBo. I write this to let you know, we have to put him down tonight. He is no longer able to walk, go to the bathroom without falling down, and is barely eating. We are having an organization come to the house to euthanize him humanely. We feel as if this is the best way to honor his life and everything he did for our family. We hate to see him suffer, so this was the hardest, but most respectful option. Thank you to everyone who met LoBo. I know you all can’t be there with him today, but he truly loved you all.
My daughter, Haylee, wrote this for me. Ironic that it’s National Puppy Day and we have to say goodbye to ours. Lobo you will be furever in our hearts ❤️
100 + Abandonded Dogs of Everglades Florida

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