Little Molly is SAFE!!!

Molly, the original rescuemission, is safe as well! Here’s how it all unfolded …

We received a picture of this little dog that has been living in the mangroves in Key Biscayne Miami for over 2 months alone, hungry, matted and petrified:

Little Molly

So, off we go to rescue this little baby:

And, we got her and she’s on her way to see the vet! This is what it takes to save 1 little life. After setting up a trap, waiting and praying. Molly is safe with 100 + Abandoned dogs of everglades Florida.
Thank you mollie & Kim for all your help yesterday. ♡

To inquire about little Molly, contact us at 877.506.8100 ext, 1 or

100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida ™
877-506-8100 or 561-860-3783


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