Little Coco female 1 year 5 lbs of love.

Little Coco female 1 year 5 lbs of love.

Yorkie. One of the 17 we rescued from one home. Here is what we are looking for. A Forever loving home where there is another small dog as she loves other dogs. She cannot be crated. No small children. She has never been walked on a leash so she needs somebody that is patient and has the time and love to show her. A fenced yard would be ideal. We do not transport under any circumstances and a thorough home check will be done. She is nothing but love and wants to be held and cuddled. She came in completely matted to the skin. We have sense groomed her her and she will be spayed today. To inquire about Adoption please contact us by sending us an email to
Thank you. Let’s find Coco the perfect Forever loving home, please share.
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24 Comments on "Little Coco female 1 year 5 lbs of love."

  • Julie says

    Are dogs ever sent to New York? I’m looking for a young female yorkie. I live on Long Island and have a 3 year old Shichon that loves everyone.

  • Theresa says

    Would love to meet Coco. Have sent email and left message with our info and our interest in Coco but have received no reply. Please contact to advise if she or one of her sisters are still available. Thank you

  • annetta surrette says

    i am very interested in coco.

  • Janice Johns says

    I would be very interested in adopting one of the Yorkies. Please contact me at your earliest convienence. Thank you, Janice Johns

  • Liana Padron says

    How much is Cocos adoption fee?

  • Johanne says

    I am interested in adopting coco the little yorkie to a loving home.. i live in nassau the bahamas
    Is there anyway an adoption can be done and what be needed?

    Thank you

  • Valerie Harper says

    Hello, My name is Valerie Harper and my husband and I are interested in adopting a rescue dog preferably a yorkie. My yorkie passed away in 2014 . I think it’s about time we start loving another one . We live in Georgia we do not mind driving to Florida . A matter of fact we both will be in Florida soon. Please send me info on your yorkies a girl baby .

  • Daniel Harper says

    We’ve had a yorkie for almost 13 years, we’re interested in adding another female yorkie to our home. ❤️

  • Melissa andrioff says

    My name is Melissa Andrea I have a 4 pound morkie named Roxie. She loves other dogs and is looking for a best friend. I have a nice house and a fenced-in yard in Ohio. My kids are in college so Roxy is like my baby. My son is coming to Florida next week we are extremely interested in adopting Coco. Please advise on how this may be possible. My email is

  • Tarenza Thomas says

    I am available for that forever home. My name is Tarenza Thomas.

  • Tarenza Thomas says

    I am that people your are asking for. I am a mother with teenage children. We are a family that loves pets. We don’t have another small dog, but we would love to have this one. Anything you would like to know please feel free to ask.

  • Edwina Martel says

    I’m probably too far away I live in southern Maine I’d love to adopt her!!! I have Yorkies too. Poor baby. She needs love.

  • Joyce hertel says

    I would love to adopt her. I had a Yorkie about 10 years ago and I truly miss her I had a 10 pound male cockup ooh that is 12 years old he loves other dogs and cats .please consider me

  • Cheryl says

    I would love to give her a fur ever home. I already have a Yorkie who needs a sister to play with.

  • Cheryl says

    I also have a great yard that is fenced. She wouldn’t be crated.
    Lily can help her learn how to walk on a leash.

  • Pattie Noblitt says

    My two teenagers and I would love to adopt Coco. We own our home. We live 1/4 mile off the road, so there is no danger of her getting in traffic. We have one cat who is so sweet. We live in South Mississippi.

  • Tammy says

    Good evening my name is Tammy and I am a rescue mom I am currently the proud mom of four little Yorkie girls all under 5 lb and would love nothing more than to be able to give this little angel a home if you can please contact me at 631-681-4701 or you’re welcome to email me at .

  • Sandra Griffin says

    I have three Yorkies, no small children and a big fenced yard. I’ll take this dog, if you still have her. I have a great vet,. My dogs are all fixed so no breeder.

  • Debi White says

    We would love to have her. Where is she and what is the cost?

  • Petra L Herron says

    would love to get coco but i leave in toccoa ga .there anyway you could meet ?

  • Karen Kelly says

    Would love to give this precious little girl a fur-ever loving home. I live in Englewood, FL, own my own home and am not a “snow-bird”. I have yorkies and would love to have her join our family. No children (small or large)….just me and my husband.

    If she is still available please let me know.

    Thank you,

  • Karen Kelly says

    Very interested in this little yorkies, Coco. No small children in my household, just me and my husband and my little yorkies. Would love to add this little girl to my family

  • Paul Robertson says

    Is this dog available

  • Tammy, 100+ Crew Member says

    Coco has been adopted … but we do have a yorkie bonded pair … check out the video