Listen to us on Conny’s Health & Fitness Radio Show this Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014 LIVE at 1 pm EST (Replay Sunday at 7 pm and Tuesday 9 pm) on Conny’s Health & Fitness Radio Show:
Topic: 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades, Florida – The Story behind the Charity
My Guests: Amy Roman, Founder and President of 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida and Rod & Jamie RaLue who adopted Powder (a very very special dog)
Mary Jo Engelke, Owner of (Organic Food for Animals) Tune in on WNN AM 1470 between Palm Beach and North Miami, on your I-Heart Radio App USA wide or on the stations website worldwide to listen to Amy’s unbelievable work and about her personal feelings she goes through when she sees and rescues the abandoned dogs.
And please support Amy with fostering or adopting one of her beautiful dogs. There is a dog for everybody – you will feel the connection right away. You don’t have space for a dog?
No problem: you can make a donation to support her cause (just add under “special instructions” “Conny’s Radio Show”) through a Paypal button on That’s a huge help too.
We are thanking Mary Jo Engelke ,Owner of for making this Charity Show possible.

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