Lennon, Amore and Valentine healthy enough to leave LVS …

Lennon & Amore are two of the six puppies found in Liberty City, emaciated and fighting for their lives as they have been diagnosed with parvo. If you remember, one puppy was found dead on this property and five were brought into safety with our rescue. Seemed like everyday we would receive a call that we lost another puppy, losing their fight to survive. Over $18,000 dollars spent to save these innocent lives. Today after 3 weeks of around the clock care, blood transfusions, IV fluids, these remaining two are finally being released and PARVO FREE.

Along with these two puppies is our precious Valentine. Valentine is a two year old female who was shot twice, broken hip and heartworm positive. Our outstanding balance at Lauderdale Veterinarian Specialists is $20,928.98 just to save these dogs who have been abandoned and abused. Please look into the eyes of these voiceless animals, could you turn away? We could not! Thank you for your love & support.


100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida.

100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.comLennon image1

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