Layla is a survivor!

Locked in a Hot Box! Beaten Daily!
Layla is a survivor! Our Rescue Fought for her life with thousands of supporters to have her removed from her living Hell along with 2 other dogs on the property Layla was then taken to the Broward kill shelter where her fate was Not looking good. We worked with Noah’s Rescue Sanson foundation to assure Layla would Not be killed. Layla has been in training 24/7 for Months! Funds are no longer available & we desperately need the help of the community, Friends & Family. We have no Foster offers and no offers for adoption at this time we have no place for Layla. We desperately need your help by donating we need to continue to keep her safe with the Sanson Foundation until we can find a loving foster or forever home. How many thousands of people were begging for help to save this girl we were notified every day on Facebook and email. Well we did exactly what we were asked to do save Layla. We cannot just turn away. True responsible rescue is the follow-through it’s not the one minute of Happy from a freedom ride. Layla is under Noah’s rescue and we are also sharing and have been through the entire process. We are all working together as one team. We are begging once again and will continue until she is safe in a forever home.
Please make a donation For Layla to continue to keep her safe. Takes a Village! Thank you.
Noah’s Rescue
The Sanson Foundation

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