To All Animal Lovers, Animal Rescues, Advocates. Friends of Animal Lovers. It is time we BAND Together!

The Time is Now to Make a stance and Call for Change.

I am urging all those on my page to take 5 minutes out and help me find justice for Zorra and all the animals that have been abused.

Below are the links: Email them and let them hear your VOICE for the VOICELESS.


Justice For Zorra is the movement. Here is how you can help.

I am making this Plea as I can no longer sit back, be silent and bear witness to the abuse of animals that is taking place daily, with no measurable punishment against the abuser.

The recent death of the disabled dog Zorra a 13-year-old dog in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has caused me to take action!

I am outraged at the lack of protection we have for dogs ( and all animals) and that we label them as property. They are not a couch or a desk that one purchases & disregards. They are living, breathing beings. That can learn, guide, feel and aid.

We utilize dogs to enable handicap people, in law enforcement, in war, in search and recovery and with that said, they are loyal and protect those they are partnered with. However, sadly we do not protect them.

A Dog is a Property therefor it is a misdemeanor with a bond of $2500 here in Florida.

So, you can cause “cruel death, pain and suffering” and in most cases NO JAIL TIME and you bond out with $250, walking the streets as if nothing happened. No regard for the life that was taken. No justice for the animal that was tortured, starved or worse.

I am joining the people of 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida and their fight to make change happen. Laws need to be updated. The punishments need to match the crimes committed.

I urge you to join me and demand the change of the wording of the law that protects dogs and all animals, to view a Dog (and all animals) as “Sentient Beings”. “feeling” and describes things that are alive. A sentient being can feel, perceive and sense things.

We cannot continue to tolerate such levels of violence, ignoring or dismissing the growing numbers of cruelty cases that go unpunished across our nation. We have a responsibility to protect those that have no voice!

Please do whatever is in your power to see that these important issues get the attention they deserve.

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