Just Heartbreaking Poor Buddy

Just Heartbreaking Poor Buddy

Please consider helping Buddy Yorkie Mix.
Desperately in need of a loving forever home.
Located in Fort Lauderdale FL
6 yrs of age 15 lbs. Neutered vaccinated and microchipped.
100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

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  • Vicki Hutchinson says

    We are interested in adopting Buddy. We are avid supporters of
    100plus. We currently have a Chi 8 years in August. We most recently lost Sparky our Jack Russell mix from a brain tumor and
    Dementia. He was 12 years old. We purchased the Chi Chanel from a breeder in 2010. Sparky was rescued in North Florida when we lived up there back in 07 or 08. He was tough to break as he wouldn’t let us touch him for months. He lived on the streets and it took literally 2 months to capture him. Our vet up there told us to cage him fir a couple weeks. During that time we had another rescue a Belgium Shepard. He would lie next to Sparky cage all the time. Until we let him out with a tether. Then Sparky still was ambivalent with us but he literally never left Sky’s side lying
    On top of him when they rested. Eventually Sparky fully trusted us but it was a long road and it was apparent that9 he had been abused.
    We lost our beautiful Sky 3 yrs ago due to multiple tumors throughout his body and his eye. Found out through test for pre surgical removal of his eye. This dog was so wonderful you have no idea. Chanel our Chi is lonely and has separation anxiety as she misses Sparky. We are seriously considering another dog for many reasons but also for a companion to Chanel. Perhaps we could speak further, please consider us as we would love to have Buddy.
    I understand you must consider our home and meeting us. We also are very involved in our 2 grandchildren’s life. I am they’re caregiver 5 days per week until they’re parents get home from work. The question is whether Buddy could adjust to two 4 year olds?
    What are our chances feel free to call me at 954-684-8460.

    Thank you
    Vicki Hutchinson