John Snow – returned to his owner

Animals are considered property in the state of Florida. He is 13 yrs of age with a medical condition not allowing him to go under anesthesia. When we took this dog in we immediately set up a vet appointment and a grooming appointment and we ask for donations to cover the cost along with our ongoing Mission as we always do. When the owner came forward I had a very very long conversation with her I offered to keep the dog rehome the dog she wanted no part of it. She showed me pictures of her home which is absolutely immaculate she assured me she loves her dog and that her other dog at home is so depressed and pining over Jon Snow / Hercules. She had him groomed five months ago had proof of that. Her adult daughter came home for a couple of weeks and left the door open which is how he got out the front door. Regardless of whether what I think or any of you think this dog is property and there is an owner of 13 years. We followed through with our grooming appointment the owner insisted on sending the money to cover the grooming even though we told her we had raised money for the dog. She said put it towards another dog and save another life which is what we plan on always doing with our ongoing mission. If anyone that made a donation would like a refund please feel free to email us with a screenshot of your donation amount and we will be more than happy to refund it. But what we will not do is go back and forth with these comments as to how could we give this dog back what is wrong with us I don’t think people understand and they need to educate themselves that law is Law and this dog has an owner of 13 yrs and it is considered property.
The new and improved Jon Snow!!! All cleaned up and groomed..being returned to his owners later today..

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